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Needs Analysis – Service or Wheelchair Vans

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about getting started with MobilityWorks and finding the right solution that will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Our MobilityWorks team will help you focus on the most important buying considerations for your unique situation.

Needs Analysis

Buying any vehicle is a big decision. Clients are often anxious and uncertain. We understand. It’s why MobilityWorks believes in personalized consultations with an emphasis on listening. It’s the only way to find the best mobility solution to fit your physical capabilities, lifestyle and travel needs.

Whether you’re ready to buy an accessible vehicle now or considering the possibility, our personalized assessments are always free through our Buy Now program. Our Certified Mobility Consultants will take all the time necessary to evaluate your needs and recommend the best options for you and your family. This includes a complete virtual Needs Analysis and an explanation of all the financing options that fit within your budget.

  • Will the wheelchair user or caregiver be the driver?

    The reason that we ask this question is because while all wheelchair minivans are designed to handle a passenger or “transport” situation, they don’t all work when an adaptive driver (someone in a wheelchair) is driving. Individuals interested in becoming adaptive drivers should first start by working with a Professional Driver Rehabilitation Specialist who can advise them. Wheelchair drivers should also consider whether they would prefer to drive from their wheelchair or transfer into the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

  • What are the wheelchair user's key dimensions?

    The height/weight of the wheelchair user, wheelchair and any other mobility equipment will determine the ability to enter, exit and maneuver within various wheelchair vans. The key dimensions will also help determine what seating positions are available to the wheelchair user. In general, average to small people will have more options that those who are larger or taller.

  • How many will be transported and where will it be parked/garaged?

    The number of people who will be transported in the van is important to know. In addition, where you may be parking the vehicle and if/where you may be garaging the van are also important considerations. For example, if you have a narrow garage, you won’t be able to deploy a side-entry ramp in it.

  • What key features do you want in the vehicle?

    Features available on some vans: backup camera, navigation aid, power sliding driver and passenger doors, rear air satellite radio, sunroof, DVD Player, removable seats, as well as many others.

  • Working with a budget?

    Your budget is also an important first consideration in the buying process. Do you have a maximum budget you can/would like to spend? What type of a monthly payment are you comfortable with? Do you have any alternate funding sources?